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Grand Pool Patio

Complete Outdoor Comfort


This project reflects the unique vision of our client. A complete renovation of their backyard including patio as a key part of the poolscape affecting your outdoor time with poolside activities like dining, socializing and relaxing.

Landscape Construction


This project reflects the unique vision of our client, and how they wanted their swimming pool and patio on 14081 W Grand to be redone. A complete renovation of their backyard, including the grand pool and patio, is a key part of the poolscape affecting your outdoor time with poolside activities like dining, socializing, and relaxing.

Landscape Construction Services

  • New Raised Patio
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Drainage
  • Pool Patio
  • Grand pool renovation
  • Completed in 2017

Our design ensures that the pool’s patio design should be harmonious with lifestyle while complementing the style of the swimming pool and home. Although we completed it back in 2017, we’ve built it to last many a satisfactory summer, through 2021 and several more years to come!

The project started with exacting drainage work. Once the drainage was perfected the construction of the pool ensued. Along with building a raised patio, our professionals were tasked to install an outdoor kitchen, which greatly complemented the overall aesthetic of the pool patio, and greatly satisfied our customer.

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